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Welcome to Sky World Technology International Pty Ltd

Company Introduction

SKY WORLD has grown to become one of Australia's leading importer, distributors of satellite equipments and electronics products. Committed to the manufacture of high quality, FTA digital satellite receivers. Irdeto 2 CA receivers to High definition and Standard definition set top boxes. Sky World also imports all kinds of satellite dishes, C-band and KU band LNBs, Motors and Positioners. Dual and quad RG6 Coaxial cables, Splitters, connectors, and wall plates.


SKY WORLD has achieved significant Australian market share in recent years. This is the reflection of the high quality and unique features of our products and the efforts of our wonderful staff.


SKY WORLD is also focused on OEM/ODM for overseas export markets. our manufacturing facilities are located in Guangdong and Zhejiang, China. Our core strength is the manufacture of high Performance technical products to suit specific region applications at competitive prices.


SKY WORLD's product range includes:


  •     FTA satellite receivers(SANYO SKY 8868)
  •     FTA satellite receivers(SONYSTAR 8898)
  •     FTA satellite receivers(SONYSTAR 9988)(HD)(MPEG4)
  •     FTA satellite receivers(JIUZHOU)(MPEG-4)
  •     Irdeto 2 CA receivers(COSHIP)
  •     Digital Terrestrial Receivers(QPE)
  •     C-Band satellite dishes(DYNASAT) 2.3m,1.8m
  •     C-Band satellite dishes(JOY SKY) 2.3m.1.8m(move,fix)
  •     Ku-Band satellite dishes(AZURE SHINE)
  •     1.2M satellite dishes
  •     LNBS(MTI)(one-cable solution)
  •     LNBS(Magi-master 11300)
  •     LNBS(Magi-master10700)
  •     Motors, positioners, and V-BOXIIs(Powertek)
  •     RG6 Dual Coaxial cables (QPE)
  •     RG6 Quad Coaxial cables (QPE)
  •     Wireless AV senders and signal extenders
  •     Diseqcs, splitters, diplexers, mixers
  •     Connectors and Adaptors
  •     Wall plates
  •     Poles and Mounts for satellite dishes
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